Why WordPress Is Great For SEO

WordPress is great for SEO

Written by: Maria Horan

Topic: SEO

We at Bombinate know that WordPress is the best platform to work on but it’s also great for SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO is vital for your website to perform at its optimal level.

Here are seven reasons why WordPress is great for SEO.

1. Faster page load time

This comes as standard for WordPress and is a vital tool for keeping visitors on your website while helping them to convert to paying customers. If your website is slow to load, the bounce rate will be high, people will be dissatisfied and will leave your site. Site speed is a vital tool in SEO but can be enhanced further with the right plugins for WordPress.

2. Optimised for mobile users

Using WordPress will help you create a high-quality site that adapts to all devices. With mobile phones now accounting for approximately half of web traffic worldwide, it’s vital that potential customers on the move get the very best experience. After customisation, don’t forget to check how your website looks on different devices.

3. Great plugins made just for SEO

There is a whole range of great tools that improve WordPress’s functionality. Two of the best are Rankmath and Yoast, both of which offer a range of easy-to-implement tools that work brilliantly with WordPress. Choosing the right premium plugins will help strengthen the overall functionality of your website and improve its performance even more.

4. SEO-friendly URL

Otherwise known as permalinks, this is the search-engine URL that will appear in your website permanently. WordPress is set up to have a name and date in these but allows them to be customised to your own specifications, which means you can place your title in this section. This will improve the “look”, the visitor usability and of course, your SEO.

5. Images optimised for SEO

These need to be high quality and relevant to your text which will, in turn, improve the user experience. With the WordPress editor, you can optimise the images with meta-devices such as ALT tags which tell Google what the image is about. You can optimise your images and attach keywords to each which will improve your SEO ranking.

6. Social Media Integration

Engaging an audience on social media will help increase rankings for your website and in turn strengthen your SEO. WordPress has a wide range of plugins that will help maximise your social media platforms and encourage people to go visit your website. You can also create customised social media buttons which will make it easier for visitors to share your content.

7. User experience

A good UX will keep visitors on your site for longer and will help transform them into paying customers. With WordPress, you can have a website that looks great and performs properly which will entice people to stay and engage with your content.


WordPress tools and devices can do brilliant things for your SEO when integrated properly. With so many ready-to-use tools designed just for WordPress, there are many great reasons to improve your website and your customers’ online experience.

If you would like help with your WordPress website’s SEO issues then Get In Touch with one of our WordPress experts and we will be happy to help.