WordPress Website Hosting


Our super-fast servers are built for WordPress by WordPress experts.

Designed and built entirely for WordPress


Great WordPress hosting is critical.

Hosting is the most vital part of your new website to get right because it is the backbone of your site online.

WordPress is an amazing platform when built well and has a very unique set of requirements and these need specialised WordPress hosting

That is why we ensure our servers are built and configured specifically for WordPress and WordPress eCommerce websites by developers who love WordPress. 

WordPress hosting.

Everything your website will ever need from hosting

Reliable and speedy WordPress optimised web hosting, based in the UK.

Strong security to keep your WordPress website safe from attacks.

Expert advice from people who are really experienced with WordPress.

“The right hosting can make the difference between a website that really succeeds, and one that doesn’t.”

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Lightning Fast

Page speed is crucial for better search engine rankings and happy visitors.

Our servers have a ton of stuff under the bonnet to make them blazingly quick.

WordPress Ready

Your high-performance server is built and tuned up for WordPress websites.

We’ve many neat features including a website acceleration suite and WordPress core file security checker.

Timeline Backups

Our servers make regular automated backups of your WordPress site and database.

This allows things to be safely restored in the event the worst should ever happen.

Safe & Secure

Security is something we take very seriously, and that’s why our hosting accounts have an advanced suite of security software.

It’s all supported by additional layers of protection to keep your site safe and secure.