What are WebP Images and Why We Use Them For Client Sites

WebP Images and Why We Use Them For Client Sites

Written by: Patrick Horan

Topic: Web Design

What are WebP Images

WebP is an image format developed by Google which allows web designers to display images on website pages in smaller file sizes while preserving the quality of the picture, helping balance creativity with optimisation and benefiting SEO.

The Dilemma of using images

One of the major causes of slow load times on a website is larger image files sizes, especially for backgrounds, which take longer to load and can lower a website’s rank on Google Search. So the obvious answer is to lower the image size but this can mean reducing the image quality.

This has resulted in a dilemma for web designers and developers who have to find the balance between what visually looks good and what benefits Google rank. This means using various techniques for image files to make them as small as possible, while also trying to preserve the image quality integrity. So this can mean compromising either image quality or SEO, especially where a website section needs a large image, such as in header sections.

So why do we use WebP Images?

WebP goes a very long way to address these issues that affect web design.

  1. WebP images use a number of clever techniques and predictive coding that provides superior “lossless and lossy compression” for web images.
  2. WebP can reduce file sizes by 24-35% as standard, depending on the original format and even up to 50% in some instances.
  3. WebP means being able to use richer images to the web browser in small file size, meaning faster load times.
  4. Designers have more freedom to use larger images, without having to worry about being confined to using smaller image spaces.

Can you use WebP in my New WordPress Website?

The answer to this is “Yes” and as WordPress specialists, it’s one of the reasons we love working with WebP. However, it is important to note that your WordPress platform needs to be set up the right way. WordPress needs to be configured to allow it to handle the WebP format securely and correctly so that visitors to your website can see the optimised WebP images.

In the event that someone’s browser cannot view the WebP image, we ensure that there is a fallback to the original JPG or PNG, which avoids creating a negative user experience with missing images.

A final thought

WebP is the ideal image solution, meaning more freedom for our web designers to create beautifully built websites for our customers without compromising on image quality or load time. We can continue to build SEO-friendly websites without losing out on creativity.

If you would like to find out more about WebP images and how they can benefit your next web design project, contact our award winning web designers today using our contact page and we will call you back!