Using website colours to increase conversions

Written by: Patrick Horan

Topic: Web Design

Colours play a vital role in your website’s design but it’s not enough to choose what you personally like. Different shades will affect potential clients and conversion rates, so it’s really important to pick colours carefully.

Psychology of colour

Studies have shown that it’s best to pick the colours that suit the personality of your business. So you need to think about the message you want to convey to clients. 85{15c3b507227bb1d5784342802bcb98d63091f51c9d477ddf9f0f49bae8f43cf8} of customers have stated that colour is the main reason they buy a product.

Colours and their meaning:


+ linked to strength, warmth and excitement
+ creates urgency, energy and increases heart rate

– can be seen as dangerous and risk-taking

Used by: Coca Cola, Lego


+ a colour of happiness and good for children’s toys
+ used to grab attention of window shoppers

– often used as a caution colour, some claiming that it triggers anxiety

Used by National Geographic, Hertz


+ linked to the environment, good for gardening, outdoors and for creativity
+ easiest colour for the eye to process

– can be linked with boredom and stagnation

Used by John Deere, Tropicana


+ this is a colour of trust and security
+ often used by banks and websites with transactions

– can be viewed as too laid back and without a call to action to action

Used by Paypal, American Express


+ A colour of luxury with a soothing, calm side
+ often used in beauty and anti-aging products

– can be seen as immature and too much may be linked to depression

Used by Cadbury, Hallmark


+ colour for sophistication and glamour, good for luxury products
+ seen as powerful and sleek

– can be cold and depressing

Used by Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal


+ Creates freedom, space and openness
+ associated with cleanliness and used when hygiene is important

– can be bland and boring if overused

Used by Google, The White Company

Think brights for conversion

Studies have shown that bright colours are best for converting visitors to customers, while dark colours don’t succeed.

So think red, orange, yellow, green. Avoid black, purple, brown.

And Bombinate?

So why do we use our colours? Each of our shades links to our core values.

Orange – great customer experience

This is our signature colour. While it’s a ‘fun’, friendly, stimulating and confident colour, we use a particular shade of deep orange to help create a more serious side.

While we love to talk and get to know our customers, we also ensure we’re providing award-winning service excellence.

Grey –  speaking your language

This colour suggests balance and neutrality, which reflects how we give you objective advice, explain things clearly and avoid ‘technical talk’.  

Deep blue – continual growth and excellence

While blue is a colour of trust and tranquillity, the darkness adds a ‘grown-up’ side. This shows that as an agency we are reliable, with experience and high-level expertise in our field.

Takeaway: choose the colours that reflect your brand

By applying these suggestions to your website and choosing the colours that reflect your brand, you will help create the message that you want to convey to visitors while increasing opportunities to convert them into customers.