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We love WordPress and specialise in building custom WordPress websites.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress (WP) has to be one of our favourite Content Management System (CMS) and that is why we are an award winning design agency when it comes to building custom websites. WP is not just a speciality but it is a passion of ours. 

We are a one-stop-shop for all things WordPress, whether you need a new web design, a website refresh, regular or scheduled maintenance and updates, security or WordPress hosting. 

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Website Content Management

When considering a new website, one major question that is on most people’s mind is will they be able to edit their new website and easily make changes to images and text. This is where a content management system (CMS) such WordPress is a necessity.

So What Does a CMS do?

For ease of explanation a website is basically divided up into two parts, the front-end and the backend. The front end is the outer shell where all the shiny stuff takes place. It’s the visual stuff that everyone sees when on your website. Behind that curtain is all the coded language, the backend.

A CMS is a clever piece of kit that connects the two and through an easy-to-use control panel allows the user to make certain changes to the website without ever having to touch the code and run the risk of breaking the website.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a very popular content system with the numbers of users in the millions. It is open source with a massive online community and is in continual development, but its great appeal comes from its relatively user-friendly interface.

The learning curve for the WordPress control panel is such that new users can learn it relatively fast and be in a position to make website changes quickly and easily.

WordPress Content Management System

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Security & Virus Removal

Security & Hardening

As the world’s leading CMS, it justifiably gets a lot of attention but sometimes, the attention can be unwanted. Despite what other agencies might say, no CMS is 100% secure. With new viruses being created regularly and hackers continually developing their methods of attack, website security is an ongoing science.

That is why at Bombinate, our team places a high importance on security and dedicates a lot of resources towards ensuring your new website is hardened against possible attack, allowing you the peace of mind to enjoy your brand new website.

Virus & Malware Removal

If you have been hacked or have had malware or viruses injected into an existing Wordpress website, we can help with our WordPress Recovery Services.

We can clean your website, repair core-files and check if your domain has been blacklisted with Google as a result of the breach and if so, we can assist in getting your website removed from blacklists.

Our experienced team will have your website secure and back online in the quickest time possible.

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