Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design ensures your website looks great on mobile devices.

Responsive Design: The Key Additive

A Responsive Web Design is vital for today’s internet and the modern business.

To draw comparison a ‘non-responsive’ site is like a shop window with the shutters half-closed – it requires the visitor to your site to work too hard to view what’s on offer.

Statistics show that a massive percentage of visitors to a non-responsive site tire quickly and move on… probably to a competitor.


So What is Responsive Web Design?

Simply put, Responsive Web Design is the technique for design and coding a website so that it works perfectly on all devices: computers, laptops and mobile devices, including tablets and the wide array of new smart-phones.

It reduces the need for excessive and unsettling pan, zoom and scrolling. Responsive design “plays nice” with any devices, including smartphones, which is vital for today’s mobile internet, where mobile phone users check their devices on an average of 150 times a day.

Responsive Web Design.

Great for Smartphones & Tablets


Adapts for Future Devices

How Does Responsive Design Work?

A properly coded website detects the type of device you are using and more importantly the viewing size of the screen. Then, using a clever but carefully created bit of code, called ‘media queries’ adapts the design to look great on that particular device.

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