SEO & Things to Consider with Website Content

SEO and things to consider with website content.

Written by: Patrick Horan

Topic: SEO

Any business that has a website wants it to rank well on Google and numerous business owners and managers contact us looking for that magic bullet to help them dominate in Google PageRank… and most are amazed to learn that very often it is the simple things that are most crippling to their placement on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). So how can you help your website rank better?

Original Content Is King

Basically, if you don’t have original content on your website, your Google rating won’t improve. And you won’t attract potential clients to your website. And you won’t generate new business.

We at Bombinate Web Design have lost count of the number of times that we have been contacted by individuals wondering why their website isn’t attracting new clients. When we start to question them on what has gone wrong and explore their website content, little by little, we start to get the full story and see a very familiar pattern.

Stock phrases…

One fatal flaw that we encounter is when someone gets a ready-made website online and doesn’t bother to change the uploaded “demo” content that was already there. Ouch! Many websites circulating still have pages that read something like this: “Add your content here” or “Add information about your company here.” And as for ‘Loreum Ipsum’ placeholder text … well, I think you can guess! This is a big no-no for any expanding company, as it looks sloppy, unprofessional and may tarnish your company’s reputation.

…and Stock Photos

The same goes for using stock photos from the internet. Aim to take as many photos as you can, yourself. Or get someone to take them for you. Borrow a good-quality camera from a friend for a day. Quality makes all the difference and will give your website a really professional polish, as well as adding a personal touch. You can rest assured that your images are 100% original, you won’t have to pay for using someone else’s images and they will relate directly to your business. A win-win all the way.

Checking Content

We always check our content is original by using an online tool such as: But it is amazing how many businesses still don’t do this. It doesn’t take long to upload content and check it as you go. Believe us, it’ll save a whole lot of time later on and also a lot of money needed to recover your Google SEO rank.

You need to get writing

This goes back to original content. You need to write copy that is relevant to your industry and reflects the voice of your company or business. Or you need to get others writing for your website, if you don’t feel that this is your strength. What do you need? Some examples include regularly updated blog posts, such as news about your company, any new changes to your business, the list is endless. What about explaining what is it you do in a typical day? Or giving profiles of other staff members? Or even a piece on your favourite things you do to relax. All of these topics will show a “human” side to your company and will attract potential clients to your more informal side of your business. Not all blog posts need to be serious. Some light-hearted pieces will go a long way.

Tips and Advice

Also include useful stuff. Give your clients (and potential clients) some useful pointers to help their business. Use your expertise to guide them. Use your experience to give them inspiration. That way, you’re demonstrating that your company is professional and reliable. Building a good rapport is a gradual thing. Trust isn’t earned overnight. When you show that you are the “expert” through your advice and useful information, you will attract potential clients who will eventually turn to you for your services.

And don’t forget social media

This is a hugely influential but often under-used resource. This is a great way to get generate interest in your content and bring traffic to your website and thus your business. For maximum impact, you need to be using a mix of all the big-hitters: Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You need to be promoting your content through all of the above, so that your current clients and prospective clients will all be led back to the place that matters: your website!