Protect Your Site’s SEO From Google’s “Unsecure” Label with SSL

Protect Your Site’s SEO From Google’s “Unsecure” Label with SSL

Written by: Patrick Horan

Topic: SEO

Does your website have an SSL certificate? If not your SEO could be suffering!

Google has made some important changes that will potentially affect the SEO of websites without SSL. Google Chrome will consider any website as “not secure” if it does not have a valid SSl certificate, especially if it collects passwords or credit card information.

So what has happened?

You may have noticed that you are seeing more of the lock icons on websites that you browse now – the small green padlock, the word “secure”, followed by https: immediately afterwards. So what is that all about?
What is it?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. When added to the standard HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) of your website, the two become combined as ‘HTTPS’ (Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). The combination of the two provides a secure and encrypted connection between internet browsers and websites and therefore permits private data, such as passwords or bank details to be transferred online.

Why do I need a Certificate?

Since January this year, Google has made changes that will potentially affect websites without SSL. An SSl certificate will ensure your site and your customers are protected, and when you have HTTPS displayed in the address bar along with a lock icon, your visitors know your website is protected. Without SSL on your website, your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and thus your potential to be found on Google will be decreased.

How do I get a https url?

You need an SSL certificate. It is possible to get one free with some websites, but there is a waiting list for some. While many companies sell them online, the selection is rather overwhelming. It’s a worthwhile investment to have proper SSL ranking and to have peace of mind that you have authentic certification to prove this.

How do I know if my SSL really is working?

You can test your website’s security by going to: and typing your URL in the bar and it will run a scan and give you a rating in the following:

  • Domain Check – you should be in the list of SAN entries (it will scroll to the end of the page for this).
  • Certificate Validity and when your cert will expire.
  • Trusted CA – is yours from a trustworthy source?
  • Certificate chain – is yours complete?
  • Revocation Status – has your certificate been revoked or not?

Protect Your Site’s SEO From Google's "Unsecure" Label with SSL 1

So, it’s risky to limit your SEO ranking now and really, why would you want to lose out in the increasingly competitive Google rank, not to mention being labelled as “unsecure”? It makes sense to ensure you are SSL rated and give your website every opportunity to perform at its maximum potential.

Want a free SSL?

It’s possible to get a free SSL certificate from certain reputable online groups, such as who will provide you with access to a SSL certificate. You need to enter your website to secure and a certificate will be created in minutes. You can also do this through, who will also provide you with a certificate for life.

Like To Know More About Getting An SSL Certificate?

If you want more information about getting an SSL for your website then get in touch with us. We are always happy to talk!

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