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9 Inspirational Quotes by Famous Business Leaders

All businesses need a little inspiration now and again, so here in the Bombinate Web Design office we have compiled a list of some of our favourite inspirational quotes by famous business people, who have found success in their business area.

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SEO & Things to Consider with Website Content

Any business that has a website wants it to rank well on Google and numerous business owners contact us looking for that magic bullet to help them in Google PageRank. Often it is the simple things. So how can you help your website rank better?

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Inspirational Quotes From Famous Businesswomen

We’ve gathered together some of our favourite quotes from inspirational women in the business world who excel at what they do, providing not only inspiration for other women in business, but also for the business world at large.

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7 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Using WordPress

Wordpress is simply a great platform to use with custom Web Design and our clients love what we do with it. A number of our web design team specialise in Wordpress websites. So what is it that our clients like so much about using Wordpress?

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