MK Chamber of Commerce Networking Breakfast – 6th of September

A great morning was had by all today at the Casino MK (thanks to the staff for the welcoming reception and cooked breakfast) and there was a great atmosphere as everyone mingled and chatted before we were invited to take a seat.

Patrick Horan - Bombinate Web Design owner.To get the ball rolling, the five business reps there (including yours truly) who had brought roll up banners with them, were asked to step forward and talk about their business and what their company does. This was a great ice-breaker and helped put everyone at their ease, as what we were required to do next was a bit like speed-dating: at the breakfast table we had chosen, the MK Chamber of Commerce “team leader” introduced themselves and then each of us spoke for about 1-2 minutes about our company – the ‘elevator pitch’, as it were. Then we exchanged business cards, passing around a wad of them, finished the light part of our breakfast and off we went again, to the second table and repeated the process. Not for the faint hearted!

MK Chamber of CommerceHowever, it was a great opportunity to get to know, face-to-face, some of the other members of the Chamber and the hard work that they are doing, behind the scenes. A number of local charities were also there, whose work often goes unrecognised but is so vital to the community and our society, so it was great to see them represented as well.

Thanks to all the businesses who came over and said hello. It was a real pleasure to talk to you and we hope to see some of you in the near future. You are a definite reminder of what a talented and thriving business community we have in Milton Keynes and we look forward to catching up with some of you very soon.

Bombinate Web Design is already looking forward to the next Networking event. Hoping to make new acquaintances and bump into some ones we’ve already got to know!