Google My Business Adds 3 New Attributes

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Written by: Maria Horan

Topic: SEO | Selling Online

New Attributes Added

Google My Business has recently added three new attributes (tools) to help businesses during COVID-19. These are curbside [kerbside] pickup, no contact delivery and dine-in. These will especially help food merchants to advertise their new business arrangements. With businesses beginning to re-open, customers need to know these sorts of details so that they can make an informed decision, stay safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Assisting Small Businesses

“How to help small businesses” has recently been at an all-time high on search engines, showing how much people want to help their small local businesses stay afloat during COVID-19. Google has just recently partnered with GoFundMe and Paypal so donations can be made directly to small businesses who need them.

Published Report

Connected Commerce Council has published a report on how small businesses who were already using digital tools before the outbreak of COVID-19 are surviving better and a number of them are even thriving. The report also claims that without the current use of digital tools, one-third of small businesses claim that they would have to close. Without these “attributes”, many businesses would be left struggling even more.

More Support On The Way

Google is planning to add more attributes in the near future, which will further help small businesses during this pandemic. These will include online options for previous services such as classes, appointments or estimates, which will let customers know that they have changed how they do business. These attributes will be first available via Google My Business and then will follow in Business Profiles in Search and Maps.


To add new attributes to My Google Business, you need to:

  • Sign in to Google My Business.
  • Open the location you would like to manage.
  • Click Info in the Menu.
  • Find “Add Attributes” and click Edit.
  • Search for the attribute you want to add or scroll through the list of available options.
  • When you’ve updated your attributes, click Apply.