Five Top Tips for Getting your website ready for Christmas

Tips to get website ready for Christmas.

Written by: Maria Horan

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to get your website Christmas ready. Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, there is still a lot of shopping to be done, both online and instore. Now is the time to make sure that your website has that Christmassy feel and is ready to help visitors to your website with their Christmas shopping list!


1. Protect your customers’ security with an SSL certificate  

Security is a must for online shoppers now. If your site isn’t secure, you may lose a lot of potential business over the festive season, as few people are willing to take risks online with their bank details. An SSL is the ‘lock’ icon that is now appearing on websites – the green padlock and the word “secure”, followed by the https. Without it, not only does your Google ranking decrease, your online trustworthiness will be affected. Talk to your hosting provider about getting an SSL.


2. Ensure customers can shop from different devices

More and more customers are now using their smartphones to shop, so you need to ensure that your website looks good on all devices, not just full-sized monitors. Your site needs to be “fully responsive”, meaning that the information customers see on their screen adapts properly to all devices. You want your mobile customers to have the same greats visuals and usability as someone on a home computer. Make sure that your contact details are “clickable” so that a customer on the move can phone you, if they see a product they like.


3. Include festive-themed images

Visuals have become essential in helping businesses stand out from the crowd and never more so than at Christmas. You want your website to look and feel festive, which will make your customers feel good and want to buy your products. Ensure your photos are high resolution and consider updating them at this time, if they’re not. Make sure your graphic design on all pages has a festive theme, not just on the home page.


4. Showcase items and make suggestions

Customers can feel stressed and overwhelmed at Christmas, so use your expertise to guide them to the perfect products for them. Hopefully, you will have gathered information and feedback through customer emails, reviews and Q & A, so you will know your client base well and what they will be looking for. Display the ‘top rated’ gift items on your homepage to help them out. Customer-generated content will increase your online visibility and help convert visitors to customers.


5. Alert customers to Christmas shipping deadlines

Let them know how soon they need to order items to avoid disappointment and missing Christmas deadlines. Nothing will create bad reviews for you than for a disgruntled customer to order the perfect Christmas present, only to have to wait for the New Year for it to be delivered. Reminding customers of shipping deadlines will also help create a sense of urgency and gently nudge them along the ‘sales funnel’, transforming visitors to your website to actual customers.


Today’s Takeaway: Christmas is a great time to maximise sales and attract new clients, so now is when you need to get prepared and make the most of it by ensuring your website is secure, customer-friendly and festive.