Fascinating Facts about WordPress

Fascinating facts about WordPress.

Written by: Patrick Horan

Topic: Web Design

Here at Bombinate Web Design, we absolutely love WordPress, and why wouldn’t we? We specialise in it. It’s powerful, it’s versatile and our clients love it too. However, there’s more to WordPress than meets the eye.

Here are a few facts that you may not know about WordPress.


  • No-one actually owns WordPress, though some companies do claim to have ownership over parts of it.
  • WordPress.com users write about 76.3 million new posts and add 43.7 new comments every month.
  • WordPress CMS provides power to 28.5{4c11c0d7a59494886cc41d2be0bf080bf158754a778eb12d5d786ec267a033f9} of all websites.
  • WordPress was used to direct a missile guidance system.
  • WordPress achieves more monthly unique visitors than Amazon and the same number as Facebook.
  • As it’s open-source software, anyone is able to add to or edit WordPress’s core code.
  • WordPress.com launches 50,000 websites every single day.
  • WordPress is able to power lots of different sorts of websites, including e-Commerce ones.
  • The WordPress community is made up of a wide range of people and websites.
  • Some of the top publications use WordPress online, including Time, Fortune and USA Today.
  • Celebrities such as Beyonce and Sylvester Stallone are amongst the world’s WordPress users.
  • Educational institutions and even governments are amongst the ranks that use WordPress.
  • In 2014, WordPress was the one job skill most requested by employers.
  • Each core update in WordPress is named after a famous Jazz musician because WordPress developers are big fans of jazz.
  • The four most common WordPress malware problems are Malicious redirects, Pharma hacks, Backdoors and Drive-by downloads.
  • A number of Fortune 500 companies are powered by WordPress.
  • 8{4c11c0d7a59494886cc41d2be0bf080bf158754a778eb12d5d786ec267a033f9} of WordPress security breaches occur due to a weak password.