Christmas Season Fun for Promoting Smaller Companies

Bombinate Chairman's Christmas Tree

Written by: Maria Horan

Photo Caption: Bombinate Web Design’s Chairman (pictured above) is our resident expert on all things Christmas!

Stuck for ideas to promote your business at Christmas?

Here are our top seven suggestions to get your company into the seasonal spirit.

1. Add Christmas flair to your branding

This is easy to do and cost-effective. Add a little Christmas flair (for example some snow or holly) to your logo and social media profile and use it online and on printed media. You can re-use these images for years. Make sure it doesn’t impact on your brand recognition but enhances your company logo. Use this on your website, social media campaigns, emails and instore.

2. Launch a Christmas campaign

You can highlight different products and offers related to the season, such as longer trading hours, etc. A “12 Days of Christmas” launch can work really well, with different special offers each day. Smaller businesses should showcase items that aren’t necessarily found on the high street. Make sure you have enough stock available in that offer. 

3. Create a sense of urgency in your online ads

Google Ads allow for a countdown option and Christmas is the ideal time to promote this. Use this for time-limited offers, sales, discounts and if you are offering free shipping for a limited period. You can remind customers when the “last day” for Christmas shopping will be, letting them know that there is no guarantee that orders after that date will arrive in time for Christmas. Using countdown ads can remind customers how many days are left to place orders. 

4. Join forces with another small business

You don’t need to team up with a direct competitor but someone whose business complements your own. Aim to promote bundled deals and offers which support each other’s businesses and encourage customers to support both of them. For example, hairdressers and nail bars could offer treatments and makeovers at both salons. Ideally, it works best with companies that are located near each other but works equally well for online companies.

5. Organise a Christmas themed competition

This is a great way to get customers involved with your company without just spending money. For example, get them to submit photos of themselves in their Christmas jumpers to win a prize for the best or even the worst! Other ideas include singing Christmas carols or decorating Christmas trees. While entries should be posted on your social media channels and can be linked to your products, the focus should be about generating publicity and having fun. Ideally, prizes will be from your own wonderful products, of course.

6. Always have gift cards available

It’s always a good idea to have these available for customers who struggle to find the right gift or have forgotten someone on their present list. If you have stopped using physical gift cards, let your customers clearly know this and ensure they have something to represent the card to give to the receiver of the present. 

7. Promote gift sets and gift ideas

These can be promoted by most physical and online companies. An alcohol retailer could offer selections of artisan beers and liquors. A beauty salon could promote beauty treatments and packs. Make sure your gift sets cover a broad range of interests and ages and a Christmas catalogue needs to include ideas for festive gift sets.  

Takeaways: Christmas is the ideal time to promote your business, no matter what size. Take advantage of the opportunity and get involved in the festive fun, while making the most of the seasonal spending. 

If you would like our help in getting your website ready for Christmas get in touch with us.