Bombinate is proud to be a ‘Friend of the Honeybee’

Friends of the Honeybee

Written by: Patrick Horan

Topic: Agency News

Bombinate: The sound made by bees

Bombinate Web Design is proud to announce that we have partnered with the, via Friends of the Honeybee (FoHB). We are inspired by bees here at Bombinate; after all, it’s where we take our name from: bombinate: def. humming sound made by honey-bees.

The importance to people

For a while now, we’ve been really concerned about the rapid decline in the numbers of honeybees, who are essential for at least 30% of the food on our tables, due to their vital role of pollination. They also pollinate the nuts and fruit that wild animals eat, thus protecting and sustaining our wildlife. Without these incredible insects, the quality of human, animal and environmental life is under threat.

We design, we donate

It is no small task but at Bombinate we believe that we should all be trying to use technology in a way that benefits nature and the natural world.  With that in mind, for every website sold, Bombinate makes a donation to Friends of the Honeybee. FoHB is a registered charity which works to raise funds and create awareness in the community of the essential role that honeybees play in our lives and how to provide better support for them.

Friends of the Honey Bee

Beehives have been recorded in the UK for over 1,200 years and there were nearly a million hives here just after WWII, which have dropped to ¼ of that number now. However, FoHB are busy educating the public on the vital role of honeybees through visiting schools, and attending local and regional events, to name but a few. Since government resources are no longer being provided, FoHB is completely dependent on the public to raise essential funds to research ways to fight the destructive Varroa mite, which weakens and destroys honeybee colonies.

You Can Help Too!

So what can you do to help? Well, drop over to their website at  to find out about the many ways you can do your bit to ensure the survival of bees. You can make a small one-off donation or help in other ways. Annual Membership starts from £20, is open to everyone and you will receive goodies, including newsletters, bee-friendly seeds and a gardening guide.