Bill Gates Mentions Our Client’s “Youth Challenge Programme”

CREST Awards Website Launch

Written by: Patrick Horan

Congratulations to our client CREST Awards on their recent successful launch, which has been met by a great response, including being referred to by Microsoft’s Bill Gates, in an interview on UTV’s “Morning Show” (Image Below). A nice achievement in itself on the day of the website’s launch.

Serving as the dedicated website for CREST Awards “Youth Challenge Programme” the site provides numerous resources to students and teachers, with a particular focus on the Sciences.

The Design Brief

When CREST Awards approached us their was a strong emphasis on just how much information the website would need to handle while also ensuring that the information was easy to access.

The site needed to be capable of handle a complex number of tasks including “advanced  custom filtering” while remaining user friendly and having a clean, responsive design. All of the work needed to be completed within a very constrained time-frame in order to compliment a broader scale of development projects behind the scenes.

Our Web Development

Our first priority was to ensure that we had good channels of communication in place in order to avoid any delays that might arise from things being “lost in translation”. The CREST Awards team were excellent to work with and worked closely with us in ensuring that we had regular video calls. This proved key in providing opportunities to understand their needs and tease out various design requirements.

Good communications also ensured we were able to get feedback on revisions and sign-off in a timely fashion meaning the project could progress in an efficient manner.

It was a busy but enjoyable few weeks working on the exciting Crest project. All team members were delighted with the ongoing development and plenty of cups of coffee kept the team going into the early hours of the night on an occasion or two, in order to ensure that all deadlines were reachedand excellence in web design was accomplished.

How We Helped CREST Awards

  • We began this project by carefully mapping out all aspects of the project with particular reference to technical development with WordPress. Almost immediately, our lead developer set about accessing the extent of information that needed to be filterable and the level of functionality required to create custom filters that worked well and looked great.
  • We used lots of greens and blues in the colour template to generate an energetic, lively and creative energy to the website.
  • We built a 100% custom responsive design that would allow Crest’s mobile visitors easily discover them on the web.
  • We used WordPress to make it easy to add images and content changes.
  • To ensure that CREST had a server capable of handling the large amount of information and traffic demands we set them up on one of our optimised and unlimited Bombinate Web Servers.

What CREST Awards had to say.

“Bombinate Web Design really went the extra mile to make our new website a success. We now have a dedicated website for our CREST Awards programme, making it much easier for students and teachers to find what they need.

Patrick did a great job of keeping us involved and up to date throughout the project, to make sure the finished product met our requirements. The team saved us a lot of time by migrating hundreds of our teaching resources across to the new site.

We’re very proud of our new website, and impressed with the excellent service Bombinate Web Design provided.”

– Jenny O’Hare (Project Manager).

Take a look at the Live Website

CREST Awards "Youth Challenge Programme"