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Helping keep bees safe – We design, we donate!

bombinate: def. humming sound made by honey-bees.

We are inspired by bees here at Bombinate, after all, it’s where we get our name! For every website sold, Bombinate makes a donation to Friends of the Honeybee.

Bombinate Web Design are official friends of the honeybee.
Bombinate Web Design donate to {5b60cb40913ad1fb4b7e3311d5079b3cbee312fc8469d3290ecdd8c4bdba4253}22Stand For Trees{5b60cb40913ad1fb4b7e3311d5079b3cbee312fc8469d3290ecdd8c4bdba4253}22 to protect the environment.

Stand For Trees

For every business website built, we offset a tonne of CO2 from entering the earth’s atmosphere.

Bombinate Web Design is very aware of the potential harm technology can cause to the environment and that is why we take our commitment to being Green very seriously.

We donate through Stand For Trees certificates – a unique, high-quality, “verified” carbon credit that protects endangered forests, ensuring trees are kept safe to store carbon, produce oxygen, provide habitat and support local communities.