A Beautiful New Website for “My Beautiful Car” Northampton

My Beautiful Car responsive website launch.

Written by: Patrick Horan

Congratulations to our wonderful client ‘My Beautiful Car‘ on the launch of their brand new responsive website.

The owner of the Northampton-based car detailing company MBC, approached us a short while back and what was immediately apparent was that this design project could be a lot of fun, as it allowed some of our team to combine two of their major passions: cars and web design!

A Reputation For Excellence

During our initial consultation with Shay Shannon, the owner of MBC, we became very aware of his passion for what MBC does and also the extremely high standard of the detailing work he does on cars. This was something that we wanted to ensure that we conveyed with the new website.

Shay is an absolute gentleman, he is genuine and well respected by his customers. This set the tone we wanted to carry through the whole website. The website really needed to have an “automotive” feel while also combining the human touch.

Clean Modern Responsive Web Design

One of the primary elements of the design brief was to ensure that the design was as clean and efficient as possible.

MBC is also a growing business, so we needed to ensure the new website conveyed the right message. It need to be familiar to existing customers, while incorporating an image rebrand to reflect the business’s growth and attract new customers.

Shay was great to work with on this project and was very dedicated in ensuring that all content and images were delivered as quickly as possible, which meant that the design progressed quickly.  

Our Web Development:

  • Shay was a pleasure to work with on the project and was very interested in the whole process, so we want to ensure he was well consulted throughout the project and that his ideas were being incorporated. 
  • The old MBC website was content-heavy and needed to be slimmed down so we started by tackling content first and set up collaboration software so that everyone involved could work on content.
  • Because we wanted Shay to be closely involved in the design, we set up a “dev-site” where Shay could get daily updates, allowing him to give us regular feedback and avoid delays or having to redo completed sections.
  • As we specialise in WordPress builds and having access to a content management system was a high priority to allow text and image changes, we made WordPress our weapon of choice.
  • Lastly, MBC needed a new hosting solution, so we moved MBC to our high-end, high-speed hosting server.

What ‘My Beautiful Car’ had to say.

“Getting involved with new websites can be a pretty daunting experience for a small business. I have to say that Patrick did a terrific job right from the offset.

Great communication combined with terrific design ideas, meant that I always felt comfortable throughout the whole project.

I love the new site and I’m already receiving great feedback on the design. I would happily recommend Bombinate to anyone looking for a modern and well developed website, to help drive their business forward.

Big THANKS to the team at Bombinate Web Design.”

– Shay Shannon (Business Owner).

Take a look at the Live Website

My Beautiful Car