9 Benefits of Powering Your Business with WordPress

9 Benefits of Powering Your Business with WordPress

Written by: Patrick Horan

Topic: Web Design

It was a day we will always remember: May 27th 2003. It all began with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes, WordPress was born.  There at the dawn, we have watched WordPress grow from humble beginnings to become the world’s leading CMS (Content Management System). With 74million websites using it worldwide there are a number of important reasons your business should be using WordPress.

1. Interface

The user interface in WordPress is very easy to work around and can be learned quickly by first time users. This saves a lot of time which would be spent otherwise learning about a new environment that is more complicated.

2. Content Management

Content can be added and updated by the user from any browser on any computer anywhere in the world. The new content is then instantly made live on the Internet. The easy to use Content Management System of WordPress means businesses can manage their own website without having to rely on a web designer for changes to the site content, which over time can become costly to the business.

3. SEO

The code that makes up the WordPress structure is plain and simple, which makes it easier for search engines like Google to index the content from corresponding websites. Different types of content like images and blog posts have meta tags that can be optimised for certain keywords along with title and description. This will greatly improve overall Search Engine Optimisation. Simply put, it is Google friendly.

4. Site Design

The website design can be tailored to the user’s liking, whether they use WordPress’s own builder or themes downloaded from a library of themes. These themes are fully customisable, giving the user complete control over the look of the site.

5. Plugins

Plugins are applications with specific functionality designed to interact with the WordPress infrastructure. The plugin categories include security, backups, E-commerce stores, payment systems and Social Media integration. These can be mainly accessed for free but some need to be purchased.

6. User Management

WordPress has a built-in user management system. Each user can be assigned a role from the administrator that has certain privileges, allowing them to manipulate only a specific part of the system. This makes the system secure and content safe as access control is in place.

7. Blog / Newsletter

WordPress comes with an integrated blogging system. The user can setup blog subscriptions by email for customers who can also be allowed to leave comments. This regular update of content improves the visibility of the site for Google when it does the indexing of websites. The blog activity of the site also creates more awareness for people about the actual business of the website.

8. Support

WordPress is the most widely supported content management system on the internet. Approximately 8% of websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. If you need any type of support, there is a massive community online to assist you.

9. Numerous eCommerce Solutions

Companies looking to use WordPress for online business, will be happy to know that there is a number of eCommerce solutions that will convert your site into a powerful digital store. With powerful plugins like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce or Shopp, you can easily begin to make money online.

A Word To The Wise

These are just some of the countless reasons why a business should consider using WordPress but we would be remiss not to offer a word of caution that comes from experience. Since WordPress is such a popular CMS, it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that it’s a target for hackers around the world. However, WordPress does take the security of its users very seriously and does it very well but out of the box, this powerful CMS does come with a number of vulnerabilities that can be exploited by determined hackers. If you are thinking of going with a WordPress build, it is vital that your WordPress site is properly installed and correct security measures followed to minimise the risks. If properly built and installed, WordPress is one of the best platforms you can work with for your website.