7 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Using WordPress

7 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Using WordPress

Written by: Patrick Horan

Topic: Web Design

WordPress is simply a great platform to use with custom Web Design and our clients love what we do with it. As earlier adopters of WordPress, back in 2003 when it was launched in its simplest form, it is not surprising that a number of our web design team now specialise in WordPress websites.

However, we never take WordPress for granted and with every new website, we strive to further explore its potential. And we have seen it grow from a simple text editor in 2003 to become the world’s most used CMS (Content Management System).

So what is it that our clients like so much about using WordPress?

Benefits of Using WordPress for your new website


One of the greatest attributes of WordPress, for customers who want to manage their own content, is just how easy it is to use. Even if you have no prior experience, with one-on-one training, in person or via video-call with an expert WordPress Trainer, such as that which we provide here at Bombinate Web Design, you will be ready to use all your WordPress functions in about half-an-hour.

Content Management Made Easy

With WordPress you have the ability to control most aspects of your website so there is no need to wait on a web designer to make updates to your site, saving you money in the long run. Because WP is a self-contained Content Management System, there is no need to learn a complicated HTML editing software such as Adobe Dreamweaver. You can create new pages or blog posts, write and edit content, upload images, documents and even video files, all without the need for additional software.

Manage Your Website On Any Computer

Because WordPress is browser based, you can access your website from any computer with internet access. It also allows multiple users and as it is browser based, multiple users can make updates from different machines without the need for any complicated collaboration software.

Search Engines Such As Google Like WordPress

The code in WordPress is clean and well-structured, making it easy for Google bots to search and index the website’s content. It’s also easy to apply SEO friendly meta-tags to individual pages and images allowing for better search optimisation.

Room To Grow Your Website In The Future

As your business grows, you may want to extend your website or add additional features. WordPress employs plugins which allow you to add many new features to your website with just a few clicks. Many of these plugins are free or affordably priced. This ability to extend your website helps to future-proof your website and extend its working life-span, meaning you don’t need a new website every time you want to grow your business. Your site can now grow as your business grows.

A Built In Blog

Blog or News posts are a great way to help your ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and keep your customers updated at the same time. Since WordPress was originally designed to function as a blogging platform, it comes packaged with built-in blog functionality that is easy to implement if required. WordPress makes it very easy to create and publish new blog posts.

Better Time Management

WordPress also has a scheduling feature which can allow you to create a number of blog posts all at once and set to publish at different times. For example, if you are running a very busy business, then time can be an issue and it may not always be possible to write a new blog post each week. With WordPress you could write four posts all at once and set them to publish once a week for four weeks, reducing the amount of time you need to spend at your computer.

Like To Know More About WordPress Websites?

If you want more information about how using WordPress can help your online presence then get in touch with us. We are always happy to talk!

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